National System for Social and Environmental Safeguards

Support the accreditation process of MARENA to the GCF. Design of the Social and Environmental Safeguards National System for the evaluation of climate change projects in Nicaragua.


  • Design a National System of Social and Environmental Safeguards (SNSSA) that allows strengthening the internal procedures of the MHCP and MARENA, for advice on investment proposals and the evaluation of climate change projects.
  • Adjust the Procedural Guide established for the evaluation of the financial proposals that are presented to the Designated National Authority to be submitted to the GCF.
  • Develop a tool to improve the review of the NDA of projects to be presented to the GCF 
  • Design a methodology to review the social and environmental safeguards, gender and indigenous people's issues in the poroposals.


  • Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)
  • Ministry of } Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA)
  • Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (MHCP)
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