Our Work

SURECO & Partners adapts to the demands of all types of entities across sectors to support them on developing climate financeable and sustainable activities and projects. We identify, develop, implement and monitor sustainable activities, projects and programs.


We help public and private entities achieve their sustainable goals, adapting to their complexities and processes to support them on the development of climate financeable activities and projects.

We have strong experience in the articulation of both sectors towards Green Protocols / joint agreements regarding sustainable development. 

We work with financial institutions, industries, associations, universities,
among others.
We work with governments, development banks, multilateral agencies, and UN agencies, among others.


We are specialized in 1) Climate Funds, 2) Sustainable Finance and 3) ESS and gender plans

Climate Funds
  • Readiness programmes
  • Concept Notes
  • Funding Proposals
  • Accreditation process
Sustainable Finance
  • Climate Action Initiatives
  • Access to international finance
  • Guidelines, Action Plans and MRV Systems
  • Financial Structure & Feasibility Studies
  • Risk Appraisal and Management
ESS And Gender Plans
  • Environmental and Social Safeguards Systems
  • Gender assessment and action plans
  • Developing policies, strategies and action plans


During project development and implementation we provide specific services for taking to an end each project successfully. Our most remarkable services are:

Technical Support
We provide professional assistance to develop high-quality personalized products.

We manage international and local experts that understand the local context and bring innovative solutions, adapting to the client's needs.

Our technical support is completely aligned with the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.
Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement
Connecting local and global partners is our specialty.

Our highly qualified and broad network can help you to strategically achieve your objectives.

We build partnerships and encourage collaboration with 100+ entities specialized in ESG solutions.
Capacity Building
We empower our beneficiaries through knowledge management.

We deliver in-person / virtual workshops, trainings and events from a variety of topics related to sustainable finance, for example:

- How to deliver a quality Concept Note to the GCF 
- Fundamental considerations about Green Protocols
- Mainstreaming gender in your sustainable project


How we do it?

We work through a sustainable business model that ensures the adequate functioning of the different areas and defines the suitable procedures. Our model is based in 6 main pillars: Social and environmental products and services, risk management, stakeholder relationship, environment, innovation and social wellbeing.
SURECO & Partners operates under the sustainable development goals - ODS (13, 17)

Why we do it?

Lack of Articulation of consultants with practical experience in climate finance.

Market regulations and requirements urge sustainable solutions for our planet.

High demand for sustainability experts and a high need of sustainable finance expertise.

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