About Us

Learn about our story and meet the team behind SURECO


After a large trajectory working at the Green Climate Fund, Jessica Jacob, the CEO and founder of SURECO & Partners, was convinced about the need to create a vast network of Latin American & Caribbean professionals and opening opportunities to youth with the same objective:  To offer the best quality services to undertake sustainable solutions that transform the region and our communities.

The importance of understanding the local context and entities is a priority.

SURECO & Partners acts locally to contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on climate change, gender inclusiveness, and opening opportunities to the youth and vulnerable communities.

For SURECO, success is measured according to the results and impacts each project represents to a nation, institution, community, among others.

Nothing is as powerful as generating long-lasting paradigm shifting solutions.


The dream begins
SURECO & Partners is legally constituted in Panama.


Take off
SURECO & Partners starts its operations and is awarded projects in the Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua, USA, among others.

Multiple UN agencies, governements, and private entities start to knock the door...

The intership program begins...


Promptly, public and private entities start to realize SURECO's results and big steps are taking towards paradigm-shifting projects.

Through strategic planning and fruitful partnerships, the firm has organically grown to be a reference partner for the region.

Up to date, SURECO & Partners has signed contracts awarded for more than 1 million USD with clients such as the World Bank, United Nations, ALIDE, and GIZ, among others.

Second intership program in partnership with GFLAC's youth climate finance program.


Soaring to new heights
Having worked in 90% of the countries in our region, we have not just expanded our reach, but have left a lasting impact.

Reflecting on the milestones of the past years, we have defined the institutional policies and strategic plan for the next few years. Also, our team has grown organically and purposefully, opening new areas.

We opened our third and fourth intership program and have improved our processes for newbies.


We are governed by first-level professionals in the field of sustainable finance that enlight the principles and guideliness that are reflected in SURECO & Partners.


Our consultants live and work in the communities they serve, providing better solutions for capacity building, sustainable activities, project implementation, monitoring, and evaluation

Jessica Jacob

Former LAC Regional Manager
Social and Environmental
Coordinator of Latin America and Africa
Viel Tradition
Product Development

Marina Saguar
Projects and Communications Coordinator

Development Analyst
Instituto Elcano Royal / Center for Environmental and Social Studies (CEAMSO)
Graduated in International Relations & Communication
Comillas, USYD, KU Leuven

Valeria Villena
Projects and Tender Coordinator

Environmental Consultant
Environmental Technical Analyst Autonomous Municipal Government
Water quality technician
Ministry of Environment and Water of Bolivia.

Katerine Achá
Technical and Logistics Coordinator

Environmental and GIS Responsible
Former Vice President
Scientific Society of Students of
Former Research Assistant
Environmental Engineer
UCB Cochabamba Regional

Julieta Rodríguez
Projects and Finance Coordinator

Commercial Advisor
Management Control Analyst
RCI Bank
Administration and Finance Area Coordinator
Internacional RS S.A.
Environmental Activist - Volunteer EcoHouse Argentina
Degree in Business Administration Argentine Business University

Laura Castañeda
Projects and Legal Coordinator

Legal consultant, researcher and Project Management
Master Degree Sustainability

Dolly Muñoz

Forestry Specialist
Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition -Ecuador
Forest governance specialist
REM - Ecuador
Biotechnology Engineer
ESPE - Ecuador
Master in Conservation Biology
PUCE - Ecuador

Paul Villacis

Legal Representative
Ambiente Sostenible AMBSOS S.A.S.
Member of the Steering Committee
Colectivo Somos Ambiente EcEnvironmental
Analyst for Programs and Products
Banco de Desarrollo del Ecuador Environmental Consultant
Accredited by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition
Environmental Engineer
Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

Jimena Flores
Projects and Tender Coordinator

Environmental Specialist for Environmental Impact Assessment Studies Alkamari S.R.L.
Environmental Consultant
Accredited by the Ministry of Environment and Water
Renewable Energy and Occupational Safety Specialist
Environmental Engineer
Military School of Engineering EMI

Trilce Loayza

Climate Change Mitigation Project Coordinator
Environmental Specialist
Metropolitan Municipality of Lima
Coordinator of Sustainability and Climate Change Projects
Environmental Engineer
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina

Kevin Valencia
Projects and Tech Coordinator

Regional Finance Coordinator IAAS América
National Finance Coordinator LCOY Ecuador 2023
Environmental Engineer Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Magdalena Borges

Economist in Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change: ECLAC and UNIDO.

She is a consultant specializing in climate change and the environment with extensive experience in scenario analysis and evaluation of environmental impacts in Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change.

Isabella Meyer

Master in Economics
Research Assistant in Industry and Competitiveness Group.
Research assistant Institute of Work and Society Studies
National Bank for Economic and Social Development - BNDES

Jose Maria F.

Member of the Board of Directors
International Bank
Board of Directors
Insurance Company Columna S.A.
Founder and General Director
Talento Consulting
Consulting Partner
Parker Randall Guatemala, S.A.
HVC Kapital in the management of investment funds.
Master in Financial Administration

Gloria Z.

UN Women Guatemala
Vice Minister of Development of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
Ministry of Economy of Guatemala
Law for the economic empowerment of women
Creation of the Women's Entrepreneurship
Unit. Implementation of public policy on equal opportunities for women

Cristina C.

Designed and implemented Environmental and Social Risk Management Systems (SARAS) in financial institutions
Financial Bank (Peru), Pacífico Savings and Loan Cooperative (Peru), Bolivarian Bank (Ecuador), EXITUS Capital (Mexico), EDPYME Credit Access (Peru), Western Financial (Mexico) and FINAGRO (Colombia)

Zoila F.

Specialist in Economic Management Metal Mechanics Varona Company
Former Auditor
Popular Bank of Savings (BPA) and Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC)
Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Banking Management
Center for Business Studies of the Marta Abreu de las Villas Central University

Rodrigo C.

Project Management Technician: Instituto Desarrollo Paraguay
Former Technical Studies Assistant Superintendence of Insurance
Central Bank of Paraguay
Former Assistant National Accounts of the Department of Statistics of the Real Sector
Central Bank of Paraguay
National University of Asuncion

Stephanie B.

Climate Change Specialist Consultant Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)
Former General Director of Monitoring and Coordination
Ministry of Development Planning Bolivia
Former National Coordinator for the elaboration of the final document for GEF

Carlos Frickmann

Doctor in Economics
Activities Coordinator  EEIST International Research Consortium
Research Coordinator Brazil No Climate Center (CBC)
Instructor Brazilian Institute of Environment
Research Coordinator UNDP.

Jose M.

Former Minister
Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development Planning of Paraguay
Former Director of Think Tank
Development Institute
PhD in Economics
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Former Senior Economist
World Bank (Washington, DC - USA)

Marcelo Castro

Doctor in Economics
Specialist in Agricultural Research Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) of Ecuador
Consultant  Universidad Santo Tomás de Chile, FAO

Roberto S.

Former Presidential Commissioner for Social Protection
Honduran Institute of Social Security
Former Insurance and Pension Specialist BCIE
Former Head of the Actuarial Division National Commission of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions.

David Ardila

Master in Public Administration
Consultant Colombian Catholic Church, local NGOs, UNDP, UNODC, local universities, GGGI, Rain Forest Alliance

Max C.

Former Accreditation Panel Member
Green Climate Fund
Former Corporate Vice President Financial Group FICOHSA
Master's Degree in International Business
University of South Carolina, Columbia


Sureco is proud to grant laboral opportunities to young visionares that are committed with the environment.

Esther Villena

Graduated in Psychology from UCB
Experience in team management, with a focus on cultivating harmonious work environments through empathy and effective communication.
Volunteer for social commitment, supporting individuals in vulnerable situations, reinforcing commitment to community development.

Myriam Puebla

Climate/sustainable finance analyst
Banco de Desarrollo del Ecuador B.P.
Master in Biodiversity and Climate Change
Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica
Engineer in Geographic Sciences and Sustainable Development with a mention in Territorial Planning
Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Juana Pinanjota

Environmental Consultant
Master in Biology, specialization, Ecology and Conservation
Eötvös Loránd University
Environmental Engineer
Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Sharen Alvis

Environmental Quality Analyst
Environmental Assistant
Metropolitan Municipality of Lima 
Climate Negotiators Programme - Ministry of Environment Peru

Diploma in Activism and Socio-environmental Policy
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Environmental Engineer
National Agrarian University La Molina

Melchorita Castro

Technical Assistance in Climate Change and Sustainability 
Ministry of Environment Peru
Environmental Engineer
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Maria Grazia Campos

Intern U.S. Forest Service
Founder Climáticas
Msc st. in Economics and Law of Climate Change FLACSO Argentina
Lawyer Universidad César Vallejo

Adriana Rios

Sustainability and Corporate Climate Change Consultant 
Environmental Management Specialist
Environmental engineer
Universidad el Bosque

Andrea Valdez

Project Management Technician Development Institute/USAID/PY
Research Assistant
National University of Asuncion
National University of Asuncion

Juan David

Consultant in Sustainable Finance and Socio-environmental Issues
Professional in Environmental Sciences
University UDCA 2020
Environmental Analysis Technologist
University UDCA 2018

Elizabeth Mercado

Environmental Management Specialist
Director of Sustainability and Agroecological Agriculture
Central American University
B.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry
Central American University

Michelle Cevallos

Master in Economics, Development and Climate Change
Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center -CATIE
Bachelor Science B.S in Economics and Management
Université Grenoble Alpes
Bachelor Science B.S in Economics
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

José Arrieta

Social Good Peru
Chapter Leader
Citizens' Climate International
Bachelor's Degree in Communication
University of Lima

María Lourdes Baca

Grants Acquisitions and Management Professional Volunteer Management
World Vision
Former Innovation Lab Volunteer
Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador

María Paula de la Hoz

Former Representation of the Bulgarian delegation
National High School Model of United Nations
Double Degree in Law and International Relations
University of Navarra

Fabio Arturo López

Innovation Catalyst
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Ecuador
Former Extern, Marine Conservation Research
The Nature Conservancy | National Geographic Society | Paragon One
BSc in Earth and Space Science

Laura Ochoa

Former GIS Environmental Professional: Geoestudio
Former Junior Researcher
Francisco José de Caldas District University
Environmental Engineer
Francisco José de Caldas District University

Isabel Gutiérrez

Former Responsible Purchasing Audit (Social Service)
The Port of Liverpool
Bachelor's Degree in Environmental EngineeringUniversidad Anáhuac México Norte

Gabrielle Lamilla

Former Lawyer
Blanco and Degiovanni Attorneys & Consultants
Former Member of the legal consultancy Universidad Sergio Arboleda
Sergio Arboleda University

Susan Celis

Former Climate Change and Natural Resources Intern
Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture - IICA
Former Project Assistant
Andean Grain Company S.A.C.
Bachelor of Science - Biology, Ecology Orientation

Madai Calix

Former E&S Monitoring and Evaluation Contractor
Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)
Former Environmental Analyst
Municipal Integrated Risk Management Unit/ AMDC
Bachelor's Degree in Forestry Engineeringt

Joseline Ortiz

Former Logistics and organization of the event
Youth Speak Festival
Pursuing a bachelor's degree in audiovisual communication
Interamerican University of Panama

Maya Goguet

Former Volunteer
Wild Sun Rescue Center
Former Cash Manager Assistant Click&Boat
Mathematics and Informatics Applied to Management
La Sorbonne



Code of good corporate governance and consolidation of management policies

This document reflects our principles and practices that promote responsible decision-making and sustainable success.
With the objective of improving customer relationships, promoting human talent management, maintaining high quality standards, ensuring effective communication, and promoting sustainability in all its operations, SURECO & Partners has established four management policies.

Policy I: Human talent management

Our mission is to attract, retain and develop S&P employees, consultants and practitioners.
Click below to see our guidelines for action that allow for the promotion and maintenance of environments and dynamics where people can develop their professional and human potential.

Policy II: Customer relations

We aim to maintain a professional, strategic and transparent relationship with our clients.
Click below to see our guidelines to guarantee customer satisfaction, institutional strengthening and the development of long-term business relationships.

Policy III: Information and communications

Our purpose is to foster an assertive relationship and increase knowledge among our stakeholders.
Click below to see our guidelines for action to promote the participation and commitment of our teams, strengthen our identity and demonstrate our added value to sustainability and our society.

Policy IV: Sustainability

We are committed to a sustainable future, and our operational frameworks align with it.
Click below to see our framework for action on ESG principles, integrating sustainability into all the company's decisions, processes and services.

Information protection policy

Our organization is committed to safeguarding sensitive information at all levels of operation, fostering trust among stakeholders.
Click below to see our compromise with confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.


2022 Annual Report

This report is a testament to a year of remarkable growth and impactful partnerships. In 2022, we've made significant strides in delivering results that matter, solidifying our reputation as a trusted advisor in the region. In this report, we delve into the details of our achievements, including our team growth and first million USD in operations, highlighting the transformative impact of our work and laying the groundwork for continued success in the future. Join us on this journey of excellence and innovation!

2023 Annual Report

Last years' report encapsulates the unparalleled reach and enduring impact. With a presence in 90% of our region's countries, our consultancy firm has not only expanded its footprint but has also shaped institutional policies and strategic plans for the future. In tandem, our team has grown purposefully, fostering new areas of expertise while launching our third and fourth internship programs. Within these pages, discover the transformative outcomes of our work, as we continue to make a lasting difference in the climate finance consultancy landscape.

Maricielo Glen de Tobon
Unpaid Position

Former General Secretary: Latin American Federationof Banks-FELABAN

Lawyer: Universidad Javeriana

Researcher in Financial Law

Francisco Domínguez
Unpaid Position

Presidential candidate: Dominican Republic
Attorney general
Former Minister of the Environment

Benedict Libanda
Unpaid Position

Chief Executive Officer: Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer: SIF Capital.
Board Member: SADC Development Finance Resource Center.

UnaMay Gordon
Unpaid Position

Past Principal Director: Climate Change Division, Government of Jamaica

Regional Director: Caribbean Women in Leadership

Director: Recycling Partners of Jamaica

Independent Climate Change & Environmental Expert MSc Environmental Science: Wageningen Agricultural University
Honorary Doctorate of Laws in Humanities

Harishkumar R. Dave
Unpaid Position

Former Deputy Managing Director: National Bank for Agriculture and rural Development (NABARD),

Director: Bankers’ Institute of Rural Development (BIRD)

Chairman: Samaaru Finance Pvt Ltd.

Member of the Governing Board: College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India.

Specialist: climate finance, rural finance and infrastructure.

John Song
Unpaid Position

Representative Partner - Founder: Green Transformation Lab.
Deputy Director: Seoul National University.
Strategic Planning and ICT Project Manager: Green Climate Fund.
President: Fusion Consulting, Inc.

Marie-Laure Fourlinnie
Unpaid Position

PhD Research, International Economic Development - East China Normal University
PhD Orals International Economics and MALD: Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Boston
MS Mechanical Engineering: Tufts University, Boston and MS from INSA Lyon, France
Executive Recruiter: Russell Reynolds Associates, Paris
Commercial Attaché: French Embassy, Abu Dhabi
Sailed around Cape Horn: 2nd Whitbread Race around the World

Renée González
Unpaid Position

General Director: Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (Direct Access Entity accredited before the GCF)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biology: Harvard University

Jeffrey Lamb
Unpaid Position

Strategic Advisor: Pegasus Capital Advisors
Chairman: Nexus for Development
Former Board Advisor for SIDS: Green Climate Fund
Former Director of Climate Finance: Republic of Kiribati

Victoria Miles
Unpaid Position

Founding partner: Global impactMain
Advisor and Manager: Delphos International
Member of the Board of Directors: Except Impact
General Director: JP Morgan emerging market team

Mustapha Mokass
Unpaid position

Founder: Climate Finance A. & Carbon Offsetting
Deputy CEO: Atlas Partners
Co-Founder: YGL Initiative Climate Finance Centers
Board member: NGO Givedirectly

Javier Manzanares
Unpaid position

Co-Chair: Climate Coin
Director and Representative | MERCOSUR REGION: UNOPS
Former Executive Director: Green Climate Fund
Division Manager, Investment and Development Banking: BCIE
Executive Vice President: International Financial Bank, Miami

Ricardo Lozano
Unpaid position

Former Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia
Director of the "Instituto de Hidrología, Meteorología y Estudios Ambientales" (IDEAM)
Geologist from the "Universidad Industrial de Santander" in Bucaramanga
Media Specialist from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá

Gloria Zarazua
Unpaid position

Former Vice Minister of MSME Development: Ministry of Economy of Guatemala

Master in Finance at the Rafael Landívar University of Guatemala

Alberto Paniagua
Unpaid position

Founder of MIBANCO

Executive director: PROFONANPE

Master in Development Sociology: University of Paris I, Pantheon - Sorbonne, France Institut d'Etudes Economiques et Sociales (IEDES)

Master in Agricultural Development: University of Paris I, Pantheon - Sorbonne, France Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

Lauren Burnhill
Unpaid position

Fund Manager Advisor: International Climate Finance Accelerator (ICFA)

Invesment Committee Member: Nyala Venture

Managing Director: One Planet Ventures, LLC

Investment Committee Member, Helenos Fund: Inpulse Investment Manager

‍Non Executive Director: Just Share SA and Shared Assets Investment Committee Member

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