We are an innovative firm that provides consulting and advisory services in climate finance. SURECO & Partners offers tailored solutions, bringing together national and regional consultants who understand their local contexts, with diverse sectoral and thematic experience. We identify, develop, implement and monitor sustainable activities, projects and programs.




To develop strategies, policies, digital tools and systems for sustainable consulting services, offering the best solutions and professionals according to the specific needs of the clients.


To  be the reference partner in consulting services and digital solutions for sustainable development, specializing in the environment, climate change, social inclusion and good governance.


Experience and quality  

Our highly skilled local consultants work towards a more sustainable future through capacities, favoring increased investments for climate change.

Adaptation to customer needs

Let us assemble the team for your project or program from a diverse group of established and emerging consultants with credentials across all areas of ESG and climate finance.

Personnel management

Implement our bottom-up approach to scale up action more collaboratively and rapidly toward better ESG and solutions to climate change.


Maricielo Glen de Tobon
Unpaid position

Former General Secretary: Latin American Federationof Banks-FELABAN
in Universidad Javeriana
Researcher in Financial Law

Benedict Libanda
Unpaid position

Chief Executive Officer at the  Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer. SIF Capital.
Board Member at SADC Development Finance Resource Center.

UnaMay Gordon
Unpaid position

Past Principal Director, Climate Change Division, Government of Jamaica
Regional Director, Caribbean Women in Leadership
Director Recycling Partners of Jamaica
Independent Climate Change & Environmental Expert
MSc Environmental Science from Wageningen Agricultural University
Honorary Doctorate of Laws in Humanities

Harishkumar R. Dave
Unpaid position

Former Deputy Managing Director at National Bank for Agriculture and rural Development (NABARD), India and Director of Bankers’ Institute of Rural Development (BIRD)
Chairman of Samaaru Finance Pvt Ltd.
Member of the Governing Board of College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India.
Specialist in climate finance, rural finance and infrastructure.

John Song
Unpaid position

Representative Partner - Founder. Green Transformation Lab.
Deputy Director at Seoul National University.
Green Climate Fund. Strategic Planning and ICT Project Manager.
President at Fusion Consulting, Inc.

Jessica Jacob

Former LAC Regional Manager: GCF
Social and Environmental Director: Findeter
Coordinator of Latin America and Africa: UNEP
Broker: Viel Tradition
Product Development: HSBC

Marina Saguar

Projects and Communications Coordinator
Security and Development Analyst: Instituto Elcano Royal / Center for Environmental and Social Studies
Security and Development Analyst: Instituto Elcano Royal (RIE) / Center for Environmental and Social Studies (CEAMSO)
Graduated in International Relations & Communication: Comillas, USYD, KU Leuven

Valeria Villena

Operations and Tender Coordinator
Environmental Consultant: FAO, GIZ, UNICEF, COSUDE.
Environmental Technical Analyst: Autonomous Municipal Government
Water quality technician: Ministry of Environment and Water of Bolivia.

Katerine Achá

Technical and Logistics Coordinator
Junior Consultant: FAO
Responsible for GIS and environment: NGO KURMI-ADSI
Research Assistant: VLIR-UOS
Environmental Engineer: UCB Cochabamba Regional

Julieta Rodriguez

Projects and Finance Coordinator
Commercial Advisor: Independent
Management Control Analyst: RCI BankAdministration and Finance Area Coordinator: Internacional RS S.A.Environmental Activist - Volunteer: EcoHouse ArgentinaDegree in Business Administration: Argentine Business University

Laura Castañeda

Projects and Legal Coordinator
Legal consultant, researcher and Project Management:  WECH SAS
Master Degree Sustainability: ICESI
Lawyer: PUJ

Jimena Fores

Projects and Admin Coordinator
Environmental Specialist for Environmental Impact Assessment Studies Alkamari S.R.L.
Environmental Consultant
Accredited by the Ministry of Environment and Water
Renewable Energy and Occupational Safety Specialist Environmental Engineer
Military School of Engineering EMI

Kevin Valencia

Projects and Tech Coordinator
Regional Director at IAAS América 2023/24
National Finance Coordinator LCOY Ecuador 2023
Environmental Engineer Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Dolly Muñoz

Biotechnology Engineer: ESPE-Ecuador
Master in Conservation Biology: PUCE-Ecuador
Co-founder of InnovaBosqueForestry specialist at the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition: MAATE-Ecuador
Forest governance specialist REM- Ecuador

Paul Villacis

Legal Representative: Ambiente Sostenible AMBSOS S.A.S.
Member of the Steering Committee: Colectivo Somos Ambiente Environmental Analyst for Programs and Products: Banco de Desarrollo del Ecuador B.P.
Environmental Consultant Accredited by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition
Environmental Engineer: Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

Trilce Loayza

Project Coordinator ECOAMET
Environmental Specialist Municipalidad de Lima
Program Coordinartor:  Municipalidad de Miraflores
Technical Coordinator of Sustainability and Climate Change Projects DEUMAN Consulting

Daniel Gómez

Environmental Analyst: STRATEGO, COL
Co-founder: IMPACTA - Social Laboratory, COL
Master's Student: Financial Administration, EAFIT, COL.

Jose Maria F.

Member of the Board of Directors: International Bank
Board of Directors: Insurance Company Columna S.A.
Founder and General Director: Talento Consulting
Consulting Partner: Parker Randall Guatemala, S.A.
Partner: HVC Kapital in the management of investment funds.
Master in Financial Administration: UMG (Mariano Galvez University)

Gloria Z.

Consultant: UN Women Guatemala
Former Vice Minister of Development of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises): Ministry of Economy of Guatemala (Law for the economic empowerment of women. Creation of the Women's Entrepreneurship Unit. Implementation of public policy on equal opportunities for women)

Zoila F.

Specialist in Economic Management: Metal Mechanics Varona Company
Former Auditor: Popular Bank of Savings (BPA) and Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC)
Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Banking Management:
Center for Business Studies of the Marta Abreu de las Villas Central University

Rodrigo C.

Project Management Technician: Instituto Desarrollo Paraguay
Former Technical Studies Assistant Superintendence of Insurance: Central Bank of Paraguay
Former Assistant National Accounts of the Department of Statistics of the Real Sector: Central Bank of Paraguay

Stephanie B.

Climate Change Specialist Consultant: Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)
Former General Director of Monitoring and Coordination: Ministry of Development Planning Bolivia
Former National Coordinator for the elaboration of the final document for the GEF: FAO

Jose M.

Former Minister: Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development Planning of Paraguay
Former Director of Think Tank: Development Institute
PhD in Economics: University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Former Senior Economist: World Bank (Washington, DC - USA).

Magdalena B.

Economist in Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change: ECLAC and UNIDO.
She is a consultant specializing in climate change and the environment with extensive experience in scenario analysis and evaluation of environmental impacts in Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change.

Isabella M.

Economist in Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change: ECLAC and UNIDO.
She is a consultant specializing in climate change and the environment with extensive experience in scenario analysis and evaluation of environmental impacts in Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change.

Carlos F.

Doctor in Economics
Activities Coordinator  EEIST International Research Consortium
Research Coordinator Brazil No Climate Center (CBC)
Instructor Brazilian Institute of Environment
Research Coordinator UNDP.

Marcelo C.

Doctor in Economics
Specialist in Agricultural Research Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) of Ecuador
Consultant  Universidad Santo Tomás de Chile, FAO

Roberto S.

Former Presidential Commissioner for Social Protection: Honduran Institute of Social Security.
Former Insurance and Pension Specialist: BCIE
Former Head of the Actuarial Division: National Commission of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions.

Max C.

Former Accreditation Panel Member: Green Climate Fund
Former Corporate Vice President: Financial Group FICOHSA
Master's Degree in International Business: University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina.

Milagros C.

Water and Sanitation Sector Operation Support Consultant in Argentina: IDB
Argentina National Facilitator: ALIDE GCF Readiness Proposal "Improving Climate Finance in the Latin American Banking Sector".

Cristina C.

Designed and implemented Environmental and Social Risk Management Systems (SARAS) in financial institutions: Financial Bank (Peru), Pacífico Savings and Loan Cooperative (Peru), Bolivarian Bank (Ecuador), EXITUS Capital (Mexico), EDPYME Credit Access (Peru), Western Financial (Mexico) and FINAGRO (Colombia)

Bianca Alva

Student of Communication for Development: "Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú"
Communications Intern: "Ciudad Viva"
Communications Officer: The Centre of Climate Innovation and Sustainability (CICS)
Member of the Local Advocacy Team: "Jóvenes Peruanos frente al Cambio Climático"

Kiara Chihuan

Cad-Gis Specialist: "Dirección Regional de Agricultura-Junín"
Specialisation in Climate Change Economics and Policy: "Universidad Continental", "Universidad Nacional de San Martín de Argentina" and "Universidad Nacional de Guadalajara"
Master's student in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management: Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú Environmental Engineer: Universidad Continental

Daniela Herrera

Master in Organisational Communication: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali
Communicator: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali

Cristina Narvaez

Environmental Consultant: EBA Programme- Ecuador
Degree in Biological and Environmental Sciences: Universidad Central del Ecuador

Helen Pazmay

B.A. International Relations: International University of Ecuador Studies in international humanitarian law and socio-environmental policies.
Experience in NGOs such as Latinas por el Clima, CUNCR, and part of the Advisory Board of Oxygen Project.
Volunteer in WWF Ecuador in the area of Climate Change.

María José Rasmussen

Lawyer: Universidad Católica Boliviana¨San Pablo¨
Diploma in Climate Change and Climate Finance

Co - Founder - Ecollitas


Green Climate Fund Services

  • Readiness programmes
  • Concept Notes
  • Accreditation Process
  • Funding Proposals

Sustainable Finance

  • Climate Action Iniciatives
  • Access to International Finance
  • Guidelines, Action Plans and MRV System
  • Financial Structure & Fesability Studies
  • Risk Appraisal and Management

Environemntal & Social Safeguards and Gender Plans    

  • Environmental and social safeguards systems
  • Gender Assessment and action plans
  • Developing policies, strategies and action plans


World Bank / Egypt

Development of a Concept Note to be presented to the Green Climate Fund related to desalination plants and water security in Egypt.

CDN / Uruguay

Provide advisory and training assitance for the resilient financial structures for climate sustainability.

IICA / Regional

Development of Concept Notes to be presented to the Green Climate Fund, related to sustainable agriculture in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Brasil and Uruguay.


What we have been up to...


Mission to Egypt

We have reciently started our operations in Africa! Our team traveled to Egypt to support the World Bank in the development of a Concept Note for the GCF related to the water sector.
Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

We are very proud to publish our 2023 Annual Report. This document reflects all the work done throughout the year, highlighting SURECO & Partners' milestones and positive transformation.

New projects!

We're thrilled to announce that we've just been adjudicated for some groundbreaking projects! More soon in our "projects" section...
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