Accreditation for 4 entities

Regional Assessment containing national recommendations to Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Uruguay for potential new accredited entities to the GCF and/or upgrade processes.


  • Provide support and accompaniment to ALIDE in the identification of potential financial entities for accreditation before the GCF and/or updating of its processes.
  • Provide training workshops to create knowledge exchange experiences.
  • Gap assessment and development of an action plan for at least 3 validated Financial Institutions
  • Create a guide document on environmental and social safeguards.


  • ALIDE (Latin American Association of Financial Institutions for Development)
  • BROU (Bank of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay)
  • BNF (National Development Bank)
  • BANDEC (Bank of Credit and Commerce), BANRURAL (Rural Development Bank)
  • BANRURAL development bank in Guatemala)
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