Concept Notes to strengthen tech innovations in food security

Prepare one regional and eight country-level concept notes from the countries of the Green Recovery Readiness Project and two proofs of concept per countries that make up the Green Recovery Readiness Project, and two proofs of concept per country (total 16), including the country (total 16) that include the validation of three disruptive technologies or technological mechanisms to be presented to the GCF.


  • Evaluation of collaboration and co-creation mechanisms to promote public-private investment in technology innovation-intensive agri-food production clusters
  • Develop 16 proofs of concept (2 per country) on the adaptation and validation of three identified disruptive technological innovations or technological mechanisms
  • Develop 8 national and 1 regional Concept Note to be presented to the GCF


  • IICA
  • National Designated Agencies (NDAs)
  • National Ministries
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