Accompany Delphos International in Stages I, Stages II and Stages III in the accreditation process before the GCF as an International Access Entity.

Duration of assignment: 12 months




Revision of documentation at the level of fiduciary standards, Safeguards and Gender, gap analysis and action plan, accompaniment in Stage I (sending documentation), Stage II (questions from the Accreditation Committee) and Stage III (Accreditation Master Agreement) .

1) Advise and review the necessary information, policy documents and conditions related to Accreditation with the GCF.

2) Gap assessment and action plan.

3) Support submission and Stage I of the application process.

4) Support to respond to questions and comments from the GCF Secretariat.

5) Support the development of the Environmental and Social Safeguards policy and procedures.

6) Support Stage II and respond to questions and comments from the accreditation panel.

7) Support the Stage III Accreditation Framework Agreement.


Delphos International